Would you like to know how to combine your spiritual principles with practical business strategies to have a successful business?

Would you like to recession-proof your business?

Do you know what is currently stopping you?
Combining Spirit and Business is the new paradigm for success in this millennium. Currently holistic practitioners can work really hard "doing all the right things" and still struggle financially. Conversely, more "mainstream" entrepreneurs can have a financially successful business yet feel bankrupted by the demands of business with little time to enjoy life and the success they have created.

You can create a successful business to help many people and be profitable and enjoy your life doing it!

Coaching will help you discover the shortcuts and steps needed to break-through what is currently stopping you. Coaching can help you remove blocks & boost your own intuitive guidance. New intuitive insight can positively affect your decisions and choices and provide alternatives you may not have considered as options - resulting in creating "Miracles in Your Business".

If you are interested in optimizing your business growth, attracting clients and opportunities you love and having the time, money and energy to enjoy all of it, call Evie and begin the conscious coaching program.