Are You....

Dealing with Big Changes; Loss of job, Divorce, Marriage, Health Crisis

Experiencing Emotional Challenges;
Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Stress

Noticing Repetitive, Counter-Productive Patterns in Relationships' & Career

These are just a few of the many reasons people explore psychotherapy to create desired change. Evie is both a licensed psychotherapist and a gifted intuitive. She integrates psychotherapy with transformative mind, body and spirit approaches. This transformative psychotherapy focuses on reaching and releasing the Source of the issues, not just the symptoms - thus creating lasting change.

With her intuitive abilities, Evie is particularly gifted at being able to pinpoint "the heart of the matter" and assists clients in accessing their own intuition, inner wisdom and guidance. She uses warmth, humor and compassion to create a safe, supportive and healing environment.
Evie tailors her work to the unique needs of each individual using a combination of the following experiential approaches:
"Talk" Therapy
Matrix Energetics
Guided Visualization
Shamanic Power Retrievals
Energy Work
Past-Life Regression
Angel Therapy
Soul Memory Discovery
Intuitive Guidance
Sessions are provided both in-person and by telephone for both Domestic and International clients.